University - enterprise Depth Cooperation Signing Ceremony and 2017 Wuhan Open Volunteer Recruitment Launched

Time:2017-05-10Release:WUHAN OPEN

WUHAN,China-May 4th,2017,University - enterprise depth cooperation signing and 2017 Wuhan Open volunteer recruitment ceremony was held in Wuhan City Vocational College.

Wuhan Sports Development Investment Company and Wuhan City Vocational College makes the depth university - enterprise cooperation,and implement an overall strategic cooperation.Besides,university - enterprise cooperation can also achieve the goals of the sharing of resources, complementary advantages, mutual benefit and common development.

In the case of 2017 Wuhan Open volunteer recruitment,some Wuhan City Vocational College students can sign up for volunteer and get an admission.They not only can get some internship project but also can get a full range of professional training.

Wuhan Open volunteer is the highest degree of participation and involving the most posts for universities students in Wuhan.About 800 volunteers participate and service in such an international tournament every year,involving competitions,players,stadiums,media,business,membership and management,a total of 7 sections and 26 categories.It is the best platform for the university students to practice,grow up and promote oneself.The experience in Wuhan Open will also add vitality to the individual resume.

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