An Off-court Surprise: Roberta Vinci to Stroll around Tanhualin

Time:2016-09-26Release:WUHAN OPEN

Monday 26 September 2016

At 11:00 a.m.on 26 September, the Italian player Roberta Vinci took her planned visit to the appealing cultural attraction Tanhualin in Wuhan. As the previous runner-up of French Open, Vinci has ever shattered Serena Williams’s dream of calendar slam. And now, this famous player was interacting actively with fans and volunteers there.



Before the activity, Vinci took group photos with fans and volunteers  there with Wuhan Open’s logo in hand. After that, they strolled down the street of Tanhualin, soaking in a strong ambience of literature and art.

Accompanied by volunteers, Vinci appreciated the embroidery works when she visited the Xiao Lan embroidery museum located in a trail of Tanhualin. She stood still, drinking in those fancy and elegant artworks made by Wuhan female embroiders. A great many of tourists preferred to stay for a time because of Vinci’s arrival. When a tourist wished to take photos with her, she happily agreed without any hesitation and raised her fingers as “V”. Others were all amused by her friendliness and loveliness, but she just waved her hands .After the visit, she signed her name on a large-scale tennis ball and waved hands to say goodbye to others.




As one of the landmark cluster attractions in Wuhan, Tanhualin has greatly attracted youths and tourists at home and abroad. Obviously, Vinci would not allow such beautiful scenery to slip from her eyes this time. Strolling down the street, she was deeply impressed by the profound cultural heritage peculiar to Wuhan. It was undoubtedly a off-court surprise for her.