Second Wuhan Open Campus Stop: Beck to Heat WHSU

Time:2016-09-25Release:WUHAN OPEN

Sunday 25 September 2016

In the afternoon of September 25th, the Germany belle star Annika Beck took a planned visit to Wuhan Sports University (WHSU) and interacted actively with spot fans by signature, matchups and selfies. 




To Warmly Welcome Beck

Before 2:30 p.m., a great many fans on and off campus have gathered on the tennis court regardless of the scorching sun, eagerly waiting for Beck’s arrival. At 3:30 p.m., the moment Beck appeared at the court gate as planned, the court were boiling up with fans’ acclaims and strong requests for signature. Beck, smiling all the time, warmly greeted them, met their needs and took group photos with them.

A student from WHSU stated that he was very excited to see his favorite tennis player in flesh. This visit can not only entitle them the privilege to meet their tennis icons, but also enable Beck to get closer to the culture peculiar to WHSU and Wuhan.



To Play Doubles with Students

After a brief self-introduction, Beck did battle with two tennis majors on the clay with Biao Zhang, vice president of WHSU, who served an ace in the first set.

Though working together for the first time, they got along well with each other and rattled off the next few games.

With a set down from the outset, these two students hit the ground running and acquitted themselves well in the match. They fought hard to pull level.

Unfortunately, they were finally knocked out by Beck and her partner Biao Zhang. But, they were sincerely convinced by Beck’s excellent performance.



To Answer Questions and Benefit Fans

After the fierce competition, three fans were luckily chosen from hundreds of screaming fans to share the field with Beck. They would have access to their icon and be entitled to ask questions for Beck. 

The first fan extended earnest welcome to Beck in fluent English and asked that who was her favorite player. “Kim Clijsters, of course.” Beck answered without hesitation, “As the winner of four Grand Slams, she has headed the list of three WTA finals. Even being a mother can not knock her out the title of defending champion.”

The other two fans were both tennis majors. One was too excited to say a word. They respectively asked Beck how to adjust their attitudes as professional tennis players. She answered that confidence and hope were the key to a success.

After the Q&A session, Beck presented her autography as gifts to them and took group photos with them. At the same time, she received a souvenir from Biao Zhang who represented WHSU.

As the visit was drawing to a close, Beck started to take selfies with the fans present. After that, she reluctantly said goodbye to the fans there.